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by Ataraxiz (Leader) on Oct 06, 2018 at 05:53 AM
Hello! We have moved sites!

Please view our most updated information here:
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by Ataraxiz (Leader) on Apr 11, 2018 at 07:09 AM
On this page you'll find a list of Frequently Asked Questions from our current and past members. The purpose of this thread is to give you more insight to our guild and hopefully answer any questions you may have. If you have any questions to add to this list, please refer them to an admin in-game or on another platform!


Q: Where is the secret word located?

A: The secret word is found in several places! It is located in the first half our thread on the Official Mabinogi Forums, on our Facebook page, or even here on this website!

Mabinogi Forums:
Electrolytes Website:

Q: Can I have more than one character in this guild?

A: Yes, however, you are only allowed one alternative character and it MUST be active once every 15 weeks. The reason for this is we do not want to pad our numbers with extra inactive characters. This can make our guild seem much larger than it really is, giving the wrong impression to any outsiders.

Q: Will I be removed if I become inactive?

A: Yes, but ONLY if you do not tell us before you become inactive. You will be left with a note that you are welcome to return when you come back into the game.

Q: What happens if I leave the guild?

A: You will be removed from our Discord Server should you have not already left. You will be welcome to return anytime unless you were removed for other reasons.

Q: What happens if drama occurs?

A: We have a no drama tolerated policy, which means if there is a situation an admin will intervene and help you work things out. Should the issue occurr in a public area (social media or other logs) it will be documented and deleted (if possible) to avoid further discussion. If you refuse to corporate, based on what rules were broken, action will be taken and you may be temporarily removed from the media and/or guild. If you persist, you will be banned from the guild until further notice.
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by Selky on Sep 30, 2018 at 02:15 AM

pls forgive me ata

that me

The reason I joined this guild wasn't anything special but the reason I stayed was!! I have TERRIBLE social anxiety and guilds are the hardest part of my gaming experience ;_; this is the only guild I've found to be super easy to relax in and make friends! Nobody is stuck up or anything and I really love you all! I hope that I can keep making friends with everyone and especially with newcomers too ♥ If you're shy or anxious like me just hmu I'll definitely help you out!!